A Grateful Thanks

A Grateful thanks to Paul Viccari
Paul Vaccari the last assistant to my Rutger’s mentor Dr. George Weber jr. contacted me in the fall of 2011; I was one of a number of George’s former friends or students whom Paul contacted. George had died in Ireland in 1990 and Paul inherited his art works; in 2011, Paul, encumbered and stressed by a combination of heavy workload, an incapacitated elderly mother, and moving to a new home, was seeking to disperse some of the art collection. Two weeks ago, after a much understandable delay, for that which I empathize, Paul invited me over to choose a few works: I was able choose several pieces which gave me insight into George’s way of thinking. I am most grateful this opportunity.
Paul is currently seeking to have Rutgers Mason Gross gallery put on an exhibition of George Weber’s art work.
As I wrote to Paul in an email: “George was the primary influence in my life. After him, grad school was a breeze, and his teaching and influence led directly to my second mentor Peter Agostini and kept the other idiots – professors – at bay.”


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